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A look at Mayfair Diagnostics South Calgary Health

Mayfair • Mar 04, 2019

Located inside the South Calgary Health Centre in southeast Calgary, Mayfair Diagnostics South Calgary Health started serving patients in 2004. Originally a jointly run clinic between Radiology Consultants Associated (RCA) and EFW, it became a wholly RCA-run clinic in 2013 – rebranding to Mayfair Diagnostics in 2016.

“We’re unique out of all the Mayfair clinics because we provide dedicated general X-ray services. Plus, we work closely with the South Calgary Health Centre’s Urgent Care clinic, so we see all sorts of patients including a lot of trauma patients – patients on stretchers, or in wheelchairs,” says Suzanne Owen, Clinic Manager.

Located on the first floor, through the South Calgary Health Centre’s south entrance, the clinic provides X-ray services from 7:30 a.m. to 11:p.m., seven days a week. Mayfair Diagnostics South Calgary Health serves the surrounding south Calgary neighbourhoods of Sundance, Midnapore, Millrise, Shawnessy, and Somerset. It also provides X-ray services for patients of Mayfair Diagnostics Sunpark which is across the streets and does not offer X-ray.

With evening and weekend hours, South Calgary Health’s extended hours attract patients from across the city. According to Owen, “Our patients want to have a quick X-ray, they know this place is fast and the parking is good and people are in and out. I’ve had patients drive from the northeast just to come here.”

Mayfair Diagnostics South Calgary Health also boasts a very knowledgeable and skilled team. X-rays of trauma and pediatric patients, as well as those in wheelchairs or on stretchers, can be complicated, so the team has become very good at working together to adapt and accommodate patients in pain while still taking the best images possible. Many of the technologists at the clinic have been there for a long time, so there’s a lot of experience on the team and great opportunities for mentorship.

“My team is awesome, very hard working. We help each other out, whether in this clinic or across Mayfair,” says Owen. “And our patients really appreciate it.”

For more information about our South Calgary Health location, please visit their web page.

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