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Designing Empathy into the Patient Experience

Wed, 08/31/2016

Service is not the same as care. There’s a growing recognition that we need to incorporate empathy and a personal perspective into the patient experience. To that end, we need to empower employees and design spaces that make patients feel special, such as looking to the hospitality industry, art galleries and even Disney for inspiration.

These unique perspectives led in directions we would never have thought to pursue otherwise. For example, Mayfair's new Coventry Hills clinic includes the role of a host whose sole task is to make patients feel welcome, warm and cared for. We’ve also made our radiologists more visible by designing offices with tempered glass walls, which helps to create a sense of transparency and lessens the intimidation and unknown in the clinical experience.

For a look at what co-creation looks like and how to innovate as partners, read the July article in customer THINK:

Designing Empathy into the Patient Experience


Mayfair Diagnostics (formerly Radiology Consultants Associated) is owned and operated by over 50 radiologists and employing more than 400 employees. We have been leading the way in delivering specialized and diverse medical imaging services using state-of-the-art technology since 1911. Mayfair offers private exams at our Mayfair Place and Regina Centre Crossing locations, and proudly serves more than 700,000 patients and provides more than 90,000 teleradiology interpretations each year.

Our vision is a world in which every person has clarity about their health. We are focused on the needs of our local communities in partnership with physicians and hospitals. We know that our employees are the key to our company’s success and future growth. If you’re a person who is motivated to go above and beyond, inspired by working with the best, and compelled to do the right thing, our organization is the right choice for you.

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