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An Introduction to Transgender Medicine

Thu, 11/30/2017

On Thursday November 16, Mayfair hosted a sold-out Continuing Health Education session with Dr. Ted Jablonski for a group of Calgary area health care professionals. His presentation, TRANS-forming Your Practice: An Introduction to Transgender Medicine, covers the basics of transgender medicine. The presentation is part of a series that Dr. Jablonski is seeking to accredit with the Canadian College of Family Medicine to become the first accredited training program available in Canada.  

“Transgender patients are now a part of many busy family practices and most practitioners would like to be considered ‘trans-friendly’,” says Dr. Ted Jablonski. “Current statistics tell us that approximately one percent of our population is questioning their gender and given this increasing awareness, more patients are seeking and getting the medical care they need and deserve.”

Dr. Ted Jablonski is an award-winning family physician based in Calgary, Alberta. He has taught and practiced family medicine in rural Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan, and Northwestern Ontario before moving to Calgary where he is currently in full-time practice within an innovative, inter-disciplinary community family practice. In addition to family medicine, Dr. Jablonski has done consultant work in sexual and transgender medicine for Southern Alberta and central British Columbia for over a decade.

 “There are significant challenges in dealing with this often marginalized population including unusual hormonal protocols, complex transition-related surgeries, and confusion regarding proper screening. These are all superimposed on evolving language and terminology which seems to perpetually change. Struggles can be as basic as accurately completing requisitions, describing anatomy, using appropriate names and pronouns, and choosing applicable procedures if they are considered ‘gender specific’”.

As a part of the medical community, Mayfair recognizes the challenges transgender patients are experiencing in the health care system and wants to contribute to making a positive difference.

“Being recognized as a trusted partner, someone you can rely on for support whether you are a doctor or a patient is at the heart of what we do,” says Mayfair’s Director of Advancement, Corinne Finnie. “We focus on building lasting relationships and making a meaningful difference in other people’s lives which is why creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone is so important to us.”

Continuing Health Education (CHE) sessions are a common practice in the health care industry as a way for the medical community to further their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject and enhance their practice. Mayfair presents them regularly on subjects relating to medical imaging. This CHE was held in partnership with Dr. Jablonski and presented material outside the realm of Mayfair’s expertise, in order to further our own knowledge and contribute to the increased awareness and education around the transgender community.

“There is much to be learned as the body of knowledge, theoretical and practical, continues to grow and evolve,” says Dr. Jablonski. “Practitioners and medical technologists who have a genuine interest in people and helping others with their health needs will be open to understanding and learning more about transgender issues. Hopefully this will be accomplished through access to better education programs.”

Mayfair continues to further its diversity education, both within the organization and the greater community, by providing workshops and hosting similar events. By creating a workplace diversity and inclusion strategy that embraces the transgender community, Mayfair hopes to lead the industry in such practices.


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