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Mayfair Pioneers New Breast Screening Technology

Wed, 11/29/2017

Mayfair has been a leader in breast imaging since we first opened our doors, and now we are pioneering the use of Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) technology in Canada. We have recently expanded it to three other clinics in Calgary: Market Mall Professional Building, Southcentre Mall, and The CORE Shopping Centre.

“We brought this service to Alberta because of the growing evidence that mammography alone is not sufficient to detect small cancers in cases of high breast tissue density,” says Dr. Steve Garry, Breast Imaging Lead, Mayfair Diagnostics.

ABUS is an efficient, new type of imaging that uses ultrasound technology to take 3D images of the whole breast, providing a look at the breast from a variety of angles which improves accuracy. Discomfort is minimal and it’s fast, looking at both breasts in about 15 minutes. It is especially beneficial to women with dense breast tissue, because high breast density can make a mammogram harder to read.

“Since an estimated 40 percent of Canadian women have dense breasts,1 we felt that making ABUS a part of our breast imaging program would help our patients find clarity about their health. We are thrilled to expand this technology to other clinics, making it more accessible to a growing number of patients who would benefit from this screening,” says Dr. Garry.

Breast tissue density is determined on a mammogram and is a measurement of how much fatty tissue compared to other tissue is present in the breast. Extremely dense breast tissue increases breast cancer risk and reduces the sensitivity of mammography to detect small cancers.2 This is why supplemental screening with tools like ABUS has been shown to improve invasive breast cancer detection by 55 percent over mammography alone for women with dense breasts.3

Automated Breast Ultrasound was first introduced at our Mayfair Place clinic in January 2016 and is now offered at four Mayfair Diagnostics locations in Calgary: Market Mall Professional Centre, Mayfair Place, Southcentre Mall, and The CORE Shopping Centre.

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