Body Composition Profile Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A body composition profile using magnetic resonance imaging (BCP MRI) uses a powerful magnetic and radiofrequency waves and an artificial intelligence and bioinformatics platform from AMRA® to measure the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in your body. This can tell you what percentage of your body weight is fat and help indicate how healthy you are.

Finding your individual body composition profile is important because your fat to muscle ratio can be different from someone who is the same height, weight, and age as you. Your scale can only tell you your weight, not how much fat and muscle mass you have. Similarly, body mass index (BMI) only tells you the ratio of your weight to your height; it doesn’t measure body fat.

Without the use of radiation, BCP provides an individualized description of a person’s body composition based on a rapid, non-invasive MRI scan. This allows for a greater understanding of your body and the ability to personalize clinical care. It provides a greater depth of information than BMI, allowing a detailed look at your tissue. Learn more about BCP MRI.


  • Please let us know if you are, or may be, pregnant, or if you’ve had recent surgery.
  • Please also inform us if you have metal in your body. Here is a list of metal objects that may be a concern. Your technologist may ask you to remove any metallic objects, which are unsafe near the MRI magnet.
  • Wear comfortable clothes free of metal zippers or buttons, including metal-free underwear.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to check in with reception.
  • Bring photo identification, your provincial health card, and your requisition.
  • Take all prescribed medications as directed.
  • Children may have parents in the exam room with them.


  • You may be asked to change into a gown or scrubs.
  • Your technologist will position you on the cushioned scanner table in the MRI suite. We will do our best to make you comfortable.
  • An MRI can be loud, so you will be provided with headphones or ear plugs to reduce the noise. Eye masks are available upon request for patients who have difficulty relaxing in a confined space. You are also given an emergency call bell to stop the exam, if needed.
  • Once you are relaxed and comfortable, a sensor will be positioned around the body part being scanned. The table will then move slowly into the MRI scanner, which is well lit and ventilated.
  • You will be asked to hold very still, as movement may result in blurring of images. Your technologist will be close by at all times.
  • You may be asked to hold your breath for some of the images. Breath holds can last between 5-25 seconds.
  • Once we have successfully captured your images, you are free to leave.


Once your images have been gathered, they will be sent to AMRA® for analysis. Once data processing with AMRA® is complete, it is verified by a Mayfair radiologist who will also review all acquired imaging and generate a report that will be sent to your referring doctor within five business days.

This report will provide patient-specific body composition profile measurements and comparisons to reference data ranges, giving context to the results. Each measurement is visualized in a bar plot, where each patient’s information is presented in relation to the distribution within a body-size and sex-specific reference population.

Your doctor will review your images and the report from the radiologist and discuss any next steps with you.


In Calgary, MRI exams are provided at our Mayfair Place location as private pay exams and are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Prices are per scan. For the first or a single scan, BCP MRI is $980. For follow-up scan, it’s $850 per scan up to a maximum of four scans total. Pricing for body composition profile follow-up scans applies only if additional scans are booked at the same time as the first scan. All scans must be completed within 12 months of the first scan.

We also offer a 10% Seniors discount (65+) that can be applied to the first MRI exam.

Your health spending account or group medical insurance plan may cover the cost of a private MRI that is prescribed by a qualified health care practitioner. You will need to check with your plan administrator for coverage details.


Please ensure that you bring your requisition with you to your appointment.


30-60 minutes


Do I need a doctor's referral?
Yes, all Mayfair scans require a referral from your health care provider. Please download a referral form.
Is the procedure loud?
You'll hear loud knocking sounds. These sounds are normal and should not worry you. Despite the loud noise, the technologist operating the machine will be able to hear you if you have questions or concerns. We will provide you with headphones to listen to music and help muffle the noise. You are also given an emergency call bell to stop the exam, if needed.
Are there size or weight restrictions?
Mayfair's wide-bore MRI scanners offer a much more comfortable imaging experience, especially for larger patients or those who are prone to anxiety in tight spaces. Feet first scanning capacity, flexible design configurations, and variable density padding provide optimal patient comfort. If you're nervous about sizing, measure your body at the widest point (usually across your abdomen or from shoulder to shoulder) and if the measurement is less than 70 centimetres, you should fit. If you are claustrophobic, you can come in for a fitting at NO charge to make sure you will be comfortable during the exam. Patients whose weight exceeds 226 kilograms (500 lbs) may be unable to have a scan.
How reliable are the procedures?
As with most screening procedures, MRI scans are not perfect, nor are they proven to find everything they're looking for. Some abnormalities are too small to find, or they may be hidden near other normal structures. Mayfair's exams are most beneficial when taken into the context of your medical history.