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Updates related to Coronavirus

During this challenging time, we want you to know that we remain open and ready to serve your patients as your trusted medical imaging provider. We have created a COVID-19 information page, which we update regularly with our enhanced screening processes and temporary service changes. We've also introduced reserved exam times for vulnerable patients.

Please note that our South Calgary Health and Regina clinics are the only Mayfair Diagnostics locations that will provide X-ray services for patients who have a COVID-19 positive diagnosis and require X-ray services for other medical conditions. This guide explains how best to proceed when you have a COVID-19 positive patient in Alberta.

See below for our most recently distributed communications to medical professionals:

Alberta physicians update: Enhanced screening protocols (PDF) December 12

Saskatchewan physicians update: Booking process changes at Mayfair Diagnostics Regina (PDF) August 20 

Alberta physicians update: Further availability of services (PDF) July 3

Saskatchewan physicians update: X-ray services revision (PDF) June 30

Saskatchewan physicians update: X-ray services (PDF) June 26

Saskatchewan physicians update: Changes to opening hours (PDF) June 22

Alberta physicians update: Further availability of services (PDF) May 25

Saskatchewan physicians update: Dedicated COVID & MRI hours (PDF) May 21

Alberta physicians udate: Further availability of services (PDF) May 20

Saskatchewan physicians update: Additional services (PDF) May 4

Alberta physicians update: Reintroduction of selected services (PDF) April 27

Saskatchewan physicians update: Service provision (PDF) April 17

Alberta physicians update: Pre-injection assessment service (PDF) April 9 

Alberta physicians update: COVID-19 positive patients (PDF) March 30

Alberta physicians update: Revised services (PDF) March 23 



Updates for Chiropractors and Physiotherapists

When diagnostic imaging is needed, chiropractors and physiotherapists will need to advise their patients that these services are now uninsured “patient pay” services, when they are ordered by a chiropractor or physiotherapist. There will be a cost for each examination. Please call our Contact Centre at 403.777.1999 if you would like pricing information.

Chiropractors and physiotherapists will also be unable to refer patients for arthrograms, bone mineral densitometry evaluations, pain therapy procedures*, and nuclear medicine imaging. These services will not be offered as “patient pay” exams. They will need to be ordered by a general practitioner or specialist.

Only X-ray and ultrasound exams will have a “patient pay” option for each exam, when ordered by a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Our price list for these exams is fully in line with the Schedule of Medical Benefits. Mayfair will continue to accept all MRI and CT referrals from chiropractors, and MRI referrals from physiotherapists with an Advanced Certificate, with the exception of MRI and CT arthrograms, on a private pay basis after March 31, 2020.

*Mayfair can provide pre-assessment services where a chiropractic patient might need a spine injection (neck and back). This would include the provision of a treatment plan and pain management options, as well as consultation for physician-directed imaging and ordering of the appropriate pain therapy.

Alberta chiropractors update: Pre-injection assessment service for Pain Therapy patients with spinal conditions (PDF) May 27

Alberta chiropractors update (PDF) May 6 

Alberta physiotherapists update (PDF) May 6 


Mayfair Events


Mayfair is your partner in offering exceptional health care for your patients. We host a series of events and webinars that are designed to provide referrers and clinical teams of all levels a deeper understanding of medical imaging. There are currently no events scheduled, please check back in the future. 

Fast, Accurate and Clear Reports

We understand that fast, accurate and clear reports are essential for delivering the best patient care. As such we offer:

  • Rapid turnaround time  
  • Peer reviewed reports 
  • Subspecialty reads
  • Easy to read structure 
  • Radiologist contact information included on every report


We are here to serve you. If you have a question, some feedback or would like to schedule a lunch and learn hosted at your clinic please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Jennifer Jaspar

Primary contact for clinics located in northwest Calgary and in Cochrane, AB. 

Darvin Schafer

Primary contact for corporate contracts.

Amy Haberlach

Primary contact for clinics located in southeast and southwest Calgary.

Deanna Maximnuk

Primary contact for clinics located in northeast Calgary.