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Intervention and Pain Management

Pain management treatments help treat chronic pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Intervention is a minimally-invasive procedure to help treat an enlarged prostate or uterine fibroids.

For pain management treatments, Mayfair doctors use X-ray and ultrasound technology to precisely inject medication through a small needle, or perform treatment on soft tissues. These procedures can help manage your pain and joint stiffness with little risk and often provide pain relief right away.

For intervention treatment, Mayfair doctors use medical imaging to shrink small blood vessels that feed an enlarged prostate or uterine fibroids. Scroll down to learn more about these procedures.

Effective immediately, we require that patients who have a scheduled date for their COVID-19 vaccination have their pain management injections booked either two weeks before their first or second vaccination or one week after their first or second vaccination. Please contact us at 1-866-611-2665 to re-book an injection or read this article for further information. 




Appointments are required for all exams except X-ray, which is offered on a walk-in basis. Requisitions are required for every appointment.


Interventional radiology (IR) involves the use of small catheter tubes and wires, or small needles, to precisely target areas of concern. This is sometimes called a pinhole procedure and can be an alternative to open and laparoscopic surgery. IR can reduce risks of complications, provide shorter hospital stays, and enable quicker convalescence and return to work, compared to open surgery.

In-hospital IR procedures are performed after a consultation with Mayfair’s IR radiologists. After a physician or specialist sends us a consultation request, we work closely with specialists, referring physicians, and patients to determine what procedure is best suited to each patient’s medical history. Our procedures include treatments for an enlarged prostate, uterine fibroids, and vascular conditions.