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We will provide you with a preparation kit (we can courier it or you can pick it up). Please read and follow the instructions in your kit carefully. The materials are designed to cleanse your bowel for your exam; if it is not completely clean, we may have to repeat the exam. Any remaining stool may also hide serious conditions.

Individual responses to the laxatives may vary. You may wish to remain close to washroom facilities during the preparation phase and for several hours after the study.


  • Two Bisacodyl tablets (5mg) – A stimulant laxative which increases the activity of the bowel. Both tablets are taken whole (don’t chew or dissolve) with 8 ounces of water. Don’t take within one of hour of taking antacids or milk. (These tablets may cause abdominal discomfort, faintness, rectal burning or mild cramps.)
  • Colyte solution – This is a bowel-cleansing solution purchased by you.
  • Readi-Cat (450 ml, but you will only drink 250 ml) – A CT contrast agent that adheres to residual stool after the laxatives.
  • Omnipaque (30 ml, mix with 250 ml of clear fluid before drinking) – A contrast agent, thinner than Readi-Cat, which travels through the bowel quickly and adheres to residual stool already mixed with Readi-Cat. Our computer software can then eliminate areas that are mixed with the contrast agent, differentiating between residual stool and a polyp.
  • One tablet of Buscopan (10mg) – It slows the motility of the bowel, which reduces spasms during imaging. Spasms can mimic bowel disease during imaging. It is taken three hours prior to your exam with a small amount of water.


You will need to restrict your diet to clear fluids for 24 hours prior to your exam. Clear fluids include: strained juices without pulp, water, clear soups (fat-free), coffee and tea (without milk or non-dairy creamer). You may also have the following as long as they aren’t red or purple: Gatorade, pop, Kool Aid, popsicles or plain Jello (no fruit or toppings). You can have as much of these fluids as you wish

Take any required medications with water. If you are diabetic, please call 403-301-4525 for further directions.


12 p.m. (noon) - take two Bisacodyl tablets orally.

3 p.m. - take the Colyte as per the package instructions.

6 p.m. - take the Readi-Cat (250 ml). Please throw the rest away.

9 p.m. - take the Omnipaque (30 ml) mixed into 250 ml of clear fluid.

12 a.m. (midnight) - nothing to drink from this point until after your exam.


Three hours before your exam, take the Buscopan (10 mg) if included in your kit. Swallow the tablet whole with a small amount of water, do not chew or dissolve tablet.

Take any prescribed medications with a small amount of water. DO NOT eat or drink anything else.