Mayfair Diagnostics is excited to announce that our new online appointment request service is now available! Our website now features a new widget in the bottom righthand corner labelled ONLINE APPOINTMENT REQUEST.

Click the online appointment request widget and you will be invited to “Get started” with Maya, the new Mayfair Diagnostics digital booking assistant (chatbot). Maya’s job is to help you book, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. She can be accessed from any device, from anywhere, and is designed to be mobile friendly.

Maya will ask you to provide basic personal information to confirm your identity and exam details from your requisition, as well as upload a picture of your requisition if needed. This information will only be used to book your appointment. You will also be asked to provide your preferences for locations, dates, and times for your appointment.

Once we have your information and scheduling preferences, our booking team will review your request and contact you by email, text, or telephone within two business days to complete your booking. Please bear in mind that our team will try their best to accommodate your selected preferences, but we may need to schedule you for a different location or time option to get you an appointment sooner.

We know that patients have been asking for this option and after a year of work and planning, we are proud to launch this option for patients.


Mayfair Diagnostics offers both email and text message notifications about your medical imaging appointment. These notifications will include a confirmation of your appointment with a link to exam and clinic details, as well as reminders prior to your appointment. Please note that for privacy reasons, you will need to click the link in your email or text message to see your booking details.

When you first book with us, we will ask you if you would like to receive these notifications and, if you agree, to provide your cell phone number or email address. If we have both an email address and a mobile phone number on file, you will receive both text and email notifications about your appointment. You may opt out for either notification by replying STOP to the text notification or clicking the unsubscribe option within the email.

Through these email and text notifications, you will also be able to digitally confirm your appointment, or request to reschedule or cancel booked appointments. This option allows you to use text or email to make these requests without needing to call us.

Mayfair Diagnostics has 13 clinics offering a variety of services across Calgary, as well as one each in Cochrane, Regina, and Saskatoon. You can visit a clinic in person to book your appointment, or you can contact the Mayfair Diagnostics Customer Contact Centre via the following options:

  • Telephone: (Toll Free) 1-866-611-2665
  • Email:
  • Online request: Click ONLINE APPOINTMENT REQUEST at
  • Through our Contact Us form


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